Al Baraka Bank Pakistan Limited

Update Date: 19-May-2017

Al Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Limited (ABPL)

With a vision for unrivalled services, dedication to Islamic principles of banking, increasing network points, and innovative product line, Al Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Limited (ABPL) is committed to Pakistan. Al Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Limited is the pioneer of Islamic Banking in Pakistan and has been operating in the country since 1991.

Al Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Limited is the result of a merger, between Al Baraka Islamic Bank, Pakistan operations of Al Baraka Islamic Bank, Bahrain and Emirates Global Islamic Bank, which took place on November 1st 2010. Year 2016 marked another milestone in their illustrious journey and another Islamic Bank, Burj Bank Limited merged into ABPL.

Presently Al Baraka has assets in excess of USD 1.2 billion, a robust branch network of over 200 branches spread across 100 cities and towns in the country. The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA) has assigned long-term and short-term rating entity A and A1 respectively. They offer a diverse suite of Shariah Compliant products and services for all your banking needs; be it Retail, Corporate, Investment Banking, SME, Consumer, Treasury, Cash management and state of the art ADC Services.

Al Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Limited is part of Al Baraka Banking Group (ABG) which is owned by Dallah Al Baraka, a diversified international conglomerate with investments in over 40 countries worldwide. Dallah Al Baraka was founded in 1969 in Riyadh by Sheikh Saleh Kamel, the President of Dallah Al Baraka and Chairman of Al Baraka Banking Group.

ABG, founded in 2002, is a Bahrain Joint Stock company, licensed as an Islamic Wholesale Bank by Central Bank of Bahrain. With an authorized capital of US$ 1.5 billion, total equity of over US$ 2 billion, assets in excess of US$ 25 billion and a global footprint across 15 countries; the group provides banking services through a network of more than 700 branches spread across three continents.

Shariah Compliant Product & Services:

It is Al Baraka Bank’s commitment to put their customers’ values foremost, hence providing them with the banking solutions that are in line with their beliefs.

ABPL products and services are approved by the Bank's Shariah Board which is headed by Chairman Shariah Board Justice (R) Khalil-ur-Rehman Khan, who has served as Chairman on the Shariat Appellate Bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and has been the Rector of the International Islamic University, Islamabad. He is assisted by Mufti Abdullah Najeeb as Resident Shariah Board Member and world renowned Shariah Scholar Sheikh EssamIshaq.

Chief Executive:  

Update Date: 19-May-2017

Mr. Shafqaat Ahmed
Chief Executive Officer
Al Baraka Bank Pakistan Limited

Al Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Limited, CEO, Mr. Shafqaat Ahmed possesses over 46 years of rich banking experience both within Pakistan and in the International Markets.

Mr. Shafqaat Ahmed was instrumental in overseeing the merger of Al Baraka Islamic Bank and Emirates Global Islamic Bank Operations in Pakistan to form Al Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Limited and recently in November 2016 another milestone was achieved under his leadership with, the merger of Burj Bank limited into Al Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Limited. Mr. Ahmed is a graduate of Foreman Christian College, Lahore with Majors in Economics. He has served as the Vice Chairman of the Pakistan Banks Association and is a fellow of the Institute of Bankers in Pakistan. His expertise in Corporate Finance, Capital Markets and Portfolio Management has taken the bank to the next level.

“Islamic Banking” in Pakistan is a recent Phenomenon, but with Al Baraka under the leadership of Mr. Shafqaat Ahmed, Islamic banking has been its forte since the inception of the name of Al Baraka in Pakistan,26 years back. Mr. Ahmed has addressed a number of Islamic seminars and conferences globally.

Key Management:

Nadeem Amjad Khan

Update Date: 19-May-2017

Deputy CEO

Ahmed Shuja Kidwai

Update Date: 19-May-2017

Chief Operating Officer

Amjad Ali

Update Date: 19-May-2017

Group Head Commercial & SME Banking

Abid Ajmal

Update Date: 19-May-2017

Head of Credit


Ayyaz Ahmed


Update Date: 19-May-2017

Chief Risk Officer


Umer Fareed


Update Date: 19-May-2017

Head of ADC Products

Syed Kazim Raza

Update Date: 19-May-2017

Group Head Retail Banking

Abdul Razzaq

Update Date: 19-May-2017

Group Head Corporate & Inv. Banking

Akram Khan

Update Date: 19-May-2017

Head of Information Technology

Hanif Ashraf

Update Date: 19-May-2017

Head of Internal Audit

Farah Naz

Update Date: 19-May-2017

Head of Corporate Communications & Marketing

Tamim Shabbir

Update Date: 19-May-2017

Chief Financial Officer

Kanwar Shahzad

Update Date: 19-May-2017

Head of Treasury & FI

Mufti. Abdullah Siddiqui

Update Date: 19-May-2017

Resident Shariah Board Member (RSBM)

Ahmed Noor

Update Date: 19-May-2017

Head of Special Assets Management

Masroor Rao

Update Date: 19-May-2017

Chief Compliance Officer

Mukkarram Jafri

Update Date: 19-May-2017

Head of Human Resources & GSD

Shakir Nanji

Update Date: 19-May-2017

Head of Operations

Akif Imtiaz

Update Date: 19-May-2017

Head of Consumer Finance

Dr. Fakhara Rizwan

Update Date: 19-May-2017

Company Secretary & Legal

SaadUllah Khan

Update Date: 19-May-2017

Head of Trade Services

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