Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited

Update Date: 13-Feb-2010

Habib Metropolitan Bank was incorporated in Pakistan as a Public Listed Company in 1992 under the name, Metropolitan Bank Limited. The Bank commenced, duly licensed, full scheduled commercial-banking operations in October 1992.

Metropolitan Bank, from October 1992 to September 2006, remained a highly rated bank and, vide it’s nationwide 51-branch on-line network, established as a distinguished provider of trade finance services.

On October 26, 2006 Habib Bank A G Zurich`s Pakistan Operations merged into Metropolitan Bank Limited and the merged entity was named Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited (HMB). Demonstrating a strong commitment to Pakistan economy, HBZ is the principal shareholder of HMB.

HMB operates in all major cities of the country. The Bank ranks within Top 10 in Pakistan with a strong vision to be the most respected Financial Institution. HMB has its primary focus on retail banking and trade finance and also offers highly innovative E-Banking solutions and Consumer Banking to its customers. The Bank’s Islamic Banking Division is fully capable of catering to customers seeking Shariah compliant products.

The HBZ Group is heir to a rich tradition of banking and commerce dating back to more than 160 years. The group’s flagship and HMB’s principal, HBZ (incorporated 1967) enjoys International ranking of 687 in terms of capital. With Headquarters in Switzerland, the HBZ Group also operates in Hong Kong, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, South Africa, United Kingdom and North America.

The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA) has allotted both long-term and short-term ratings of Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited at “AA+” (Double A plus) and “A1+” (A one plus), respectively. These ratings, being the highest amongst the local sector Private Banks, denote a very low expectation of credit risk emanating from a very strong capacity for timely payment of financial commitments.


Chief Executive:  

Update Date: 22-Mar-2012

Mr. Siraj Uddin Aziz
President & Chief Executive
Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited

Mr. Sirajuddin Aziz is a senior banker. During his 35 year banking career with international as well as local banks, he held several senior management positions in various countries including Pakistan, UK, UAE, Nigeria, Hong Kong and China. Before joining HMB, Mr. Aziz was serving as the CEO of a large local commercial bank.

During his career, Mr. Aziz has contributed to various professional bodies including Pakistan Banks’ Association as Chairman. He has been a regular speaker on Credit, Trade and Foreign Exchange at “The Institute of Bankers Pakistan” and other prestigious institutions. Mr. Aziz also frequently contributes articles to English Newspapers on various subjects.

Key Management:

Mohamedali R. Habib

Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

Executive Director

Mr. Mohamedali R. Habib has a graduate degree in Business Management – Finance from the Clark University, USA, and he holds a Post Graduate Diploma in General Management from Stanford – National University of Singapore.

He has worked in the corporate sector for more than 15 years in various managerial capacities. His assignments covered various industries including multinational projects. He stepped into the banking industry in 1996 when he joined Habib Bank AG Zurich, where he worked in different capacities in the Bank’s Pakistan operations. He joined Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited in 1999, where he continues to contribute as an Executive Director.

Azam Zaidi

Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

Group Head Treasury & International

Abdul Aziz Memon

Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

Chief Risk Officer

Khadim Nanji

Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

Head of Operations

Fuzail Abbas

Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

Chief Financial Officer

Shahid Hosain Kazi

Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

Head of Corporate and Transactional Banking Group

Haroon Makani

Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

General Manager - Remedial Management

Syed Muhammad Talib Rizvi

Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

Group Head - North

Asad Ali Aziz Dharamsey

Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

Head of Compliance

Mohammad Shams Izhar

Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

Head of Risk Management

Waheed Usman Sakrani

Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

Head of HR & Training

M. Ashraf Mandvia

Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

Head of Payments Services

Syed Intikhab Hussain Rizvi

Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

Country Treasurer

Syed Aftab Ahmed

Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

Head of Establishment, Real Estate & Security

Syed Abu Tufail

Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

Head of IT

Ghani Akbar Usmani

Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

Head of Legal Affairs

Yawer Ali Gulani

Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

Head of System, Policies & Procedure

Syed Asim Ali

Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

Head of Internal Audit

Muhammad Imran

Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

Company Secretary

Mufti Abdul Sattar Laghari

Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

Shariah Advisor


Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

Zonal Head Zone-1

Arif Durvesh

Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

Zonal Head Zone-2

Hassan Ali Kazmi

Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

Zonal Head Zone-3

Abdul Jabbar

Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

Zonal Head Zone-4

Shahid Iqbal

Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

Zonal Head Zone-5

Zubair Javed

Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

Zonal Head Zone-6

Azhar Shamim

Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

Zonal Head Zone-7

S.T. A. Warsi

Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

Zonal Head Zone-8

Adnan Fasih

Update Date: 16-Jan-2014

Head of Islamic Banking Division

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